HTC was founded in 2008 with 5 branches currently across the country aiming to make products available nationwide with a planned extension of branches in most of the regions.

HTC is a prominent player in the products and equipment supply for many industries such as (Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, Farming, Energy and more) with a primary focus on: light construction equipment, power tools, water pumps, solar systems, safety equipment, fire fighting, tires and batteries, power generator and more.


To bring technology products and solutions to the market and work effectively towards fulfilling a high demand for our products.


To constantly improve our position by entering new markets and diversifying our activities. We aim to achieve long term growth by focusing on our stakeholders.


To provide our customers with all the products and materials they need we had built a strong infrastructure that gave us a complete presence in the Three Northern Regions, Volta Region, Accra and Tarkwa.

  • Warehouse
  • Transportation services to cater to our customers in all the regions


Integrity We consistently work to earn the respect and trust of all our stakeholders.
Excellence We are in a continuous search for excellence. We thrive on learning and achieving excellence in all our activities. Growing is our goal.
Commitments We are dedicated to the success of our employees, customers and partners.
Passion We strive to keep growing, diversifying our activities, and constantly investigating the market and its need.
Client value creation Work alongside our customers to help them grow and consistently delivering value.
Teamwork We put emphasis on creating good atmosphere that foster loyalty, productivityand improves collaboration among our employees.