Water Pumps – All you need to know about them

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Water pumps are used to move water around. They are used in almost all households in Ghana for various reasons. It is rather essential that you know about this item as it will help you manage your household matters more effectively. In addition to regular water pumps, some pump drawings also help with storing water underground. And there are also special pumps that are run by electricity that uses the power of the water pressure and temperature being at different levels in the ground to move water slightly faster than a human would move it by running or walking.

AquaPro Submersible Water Pump
AquaPro Submersible Water Pump

Types of Water Pumps:

What makes a perfect water pump? Well, it isn’t the price tag, but rather that it provides the best possible functionality when you choose it. Therefore, to help you make sure you pick out the best water pump for your home use, we have analyzed the different models available and narrowed them down. 

Centrifugal Pumps:

  • A centrifugal water pump is the most efficient type of water pump. 
  •  They come in different sizes and have various features that ensure trouble-free and safe operations, all while saving you from expensive repairs.
  • Centrifugal pumps are usually considered the best because of their simplicity, low cost and wide use. 

Submersible Pumps: 

  • Submersible pumps are efficacious as it use up little power in moving water into the pump.
  •  The water pressure drives the water into a submersible pump, as a result, it saves a lot of the pump’s energy. 
  • It prevents pump cavitation, an issue related to a high altitude difference within the pump and fluid surface

Mini Submersible Pumps:

  • The mini submersible water pump goes under the sink or on top of the patio furniture to help keep the water level up in your home. 
  • The mini-submersible pump is made to fit into the corner of the well and provide steady water delivery even if there aren’t any stones or dirt in the well.
  • The pump also has a sensor that allows it to shut off automatically when there is no more pressure left in the well.

Borehole Compressor Pumps:

  • Bore Well Compressor Pumps uses revolutionary technology and manufacturing processes to provide customers with the highest quality and most dependable products, all while maintaining a competitive price point. 
  • Bore Well Compressor Pumps are peculiarly created for drawing water from bore wells.
  • Compressor Pumps can also be used in bore wells comprising muddy water, where other pumps are not fitting.

Pressure Booster Pumps:

  • A Pressure booster pump is a tool, which you can use if you want pressurized water in your home. 
  • They are engineered to supply you with pressurized water as per your needs.

Types of Water Pump Machine:

A wide variety of water pumping machines are available in the market, such as electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. You can also choose one of these machines for agricultural use. 

Electric Type:

An electric water pump is one of the most essential parts of a water system. It transfers the water from one place to another using the gravity behind it.

Hydraulic Type:

A hydraulic water pump is a piece of equipment used to move liquid or even air in the purest and efficient form. It is the most common form of machinery used in transportation and other industrial tasks.

Pneumatic Type:

 It’s a very simple machine that is installed inside your home or business to help your pay for water. The cost of the machine itself, installation, and all hassles involved is quite low.

Water Pumping Machine price in Ghana depends upon the Features of the machine. 

(Please mention the prices start with GHC 200 and go up to GHC 7,000 and above )


1. What is a Water Pump used for?

It has many uses. In fact, they are used in almost every household in Ghana and help to provide fresh water to the house. These pumps are used to help make people’s lives easier in hard situations. With the globalization of the economy, small water pumps have become common in Ghana even though they weren’t always used that way.

2. How does an electric Water Pump work?

It is a device used to circulate water through a system or system of devices. The purpose of this type is to remove excess water from a plumbing or distribution system so that it can be treated or discharged. 

This type of pump uses two different parts – a control box and a generator. The control box controls the speed of the water flowing through the pipes. The generator turns a shaft that runs the entire assembly.

3. Where can I buy a Water Pump in Ghana?

To save money on water, you should know where you will get a good water pump in Ghana. You can buy it at HTC, and to save your time shop at this link.

4. Which Water Pump is best?

Picking the right type for your household can be difficult. There are many factors to consider such as the cost of the product, how often you’ll be using it, and how often you should replace it if there are problems. But our online store will provide you with the best pumps in your budget. 

5. What is a Water Pump system?

A water pump system is a simple and effective way to provide clean, safe drinking water to people who need it. It saves you money over the long term. To know more you can click here.


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