Use of Construction Chemicals in Construction Works

Dr Fixit Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals in brief

Construction chemicals are specialized chemical formulations utilized in the construction of concrete, cement or other building materials at the time of construction.

Construction chemicals are becoming one of the vital components of the industrial chemical sector, playing a pivotal role in worldwide infrastructure development.

Chemical products are essential to all forms of construction and can form an integral part of various projects from buildings to tunnels and can withstand extreme conditions. With their ability to provide complete solutions, these chemicals have made life easier for all construction personnel.

What are the applications of Construction Chemicals?

They have several applications in the construction industry that make them indispensable. One of the most common chemicals used in the construction process is Waterproofing. Waterproofing helps to prevent moisture from entering into concrete, brick or stone structures.

This prevents the growth of mildew, mold, algae, fungus and bacteria, which can cause serious damage to the structure. Waterproofing is generally applied on bricks, stones, concrete and earthy materials to control the rate of decomposition of materials.

Apart from Waterproofing, construction chemicals like Sealants are also very popular in the construction industry. Sealants are widely used for various purposes, such as protecting steel elements of buildings from corrosion.

They are also utilized for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the concrete structures by sealing surfaces, fabrics and interiors. In addition to this, sealants are used for curing concrete materials without allowing any vapors, oils or solids to seep into the floor area.

Besides these, other construction chemicals used in the construction activities include Mortar and Pest Control, Humidity, Asphalt and Concrete Sealants, and Soffits and Exterior Finishes. These chemicals are extensively used for various purposes and may be classified into three main categories: biological solutions, soil additives, and lubricants.

Biological solutions contain substances that may provide chemical-like solutions for controlling harmful microorganisms and are highly recommended in certain circumstances. However, these chemicals can be hazardous to the environment if not managed properly and should only be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

In addition to these, different construction chemicals are used for improving the soil and improving the workability of cement. Asbestos is a prime example of a dangerous construction chemical, which was commonly used in many countries until it was carcinogenic.

Other commonly used construction chemicals include Vitrolytic Acids, Grout and Lime Tar. Humidity and surface hydration are important in improving the durability of concrete structures and make them resistant to extreme weather conditions.

These chemicals also offer a range of workability options which can be selected according to the requirements of the project.

Can chemicals be used for treating steel structures?

Various forms of chemicals are available for treating steel structures in a wide range of formulations. This helps in overcoming problems such as galvanic corrosion, crushing, rusting, cracking, discoloration and softening of steel.

These chemicals improve the workability of metallic substances by converting them into a smooth and flexible liquid that can be stored conveniently. Certain construction chemicals even serve as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional building materials, as they can greatly reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides.

In order to maintain a firm grip over the global construction chemical market, various firms have invested in research and development activities. For instance, Indian manufacturer brand Dr. Fixit by Pidilite Industries is exploring new technologies for improved breaking strength and durability.

International brands like Volvo and Mahindra are also developing advanced technologies for construction chemicals that are safe and effective. In order to remain a competitive player in the market, construction chemicals firms are working hard to gain a larger share of the market.

There are a number of strategies to ensure a stable market share for construction chemicals. One of the most important ones is to reduce costs of production. To help in this process, several global chemicals manufacturers are offering energy sources that can reduce manufacturing costs by up to 40%.

They include wind power, solar power and cellulose energy, which are all relatively inexpensive. In addition, some companies are exploring ways to expand their production facilities, so that they can provide chemicals to a wider range of industries.


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