Super treatment for Rising Dampness in Ghana

Rising Dampness in Ghana

What is Damp Proofing?

Rising dampness is the common name given to the new phenomenon of dampness.

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It occurs below the earth’s surface in a number of places around the globe, most frequently due to heavy rain.

This type of damp is also called subsidence dampness or damp basement, and it has been growing increasingly common in many parts of Africa and Asia in particular over the past decade or so.

While it’s always wise to follow a waterproofing company’s instructions on how to prevent or reduce rising dampness within your property, rising dampness treatment in Ghana can help.

Rising Dampness in walls

It’s important to understand the science behind damp proofing because otherwise, you might be wasting your money on products that simply don’t work as well as they should – or that make your property vulnerable to rising dampness from underground water pipes, sewers, storm drains, and other low-lying drainage systems.

Damp proofing in Ghana involves the use of a mixture of cement, asphalt, and perlite, which forms a slurry that stops the water from rising.

The cement and asphalt are each mixed separately, then mixed into a slurry to form a thick but flexible paste.

Then this paste is poured into each individual wall, floor, and ceiling of buildings that need damp proofing, to make sure that it stays in place and that it stops damp from spreading.

These mixtures are then laid in a large heap at the edge of each building, which is then left to dry for several weeks. Finally, the concrete is cracked and peeled away, and any loose dirt and dampness are removed with a vacuum cleaner.

While rising dampness can be a serious problem for businesses and homes in Ghana, there’s no need to panic just yet.

The good news is that rising damp can be prevented in many buildings by following the basic principles of damp proofing.

One of these principles is regular cleaning, which should be a part of your cleaning regime for all of your buildings. Damp-proofing your buildings will ensure that your damp is kept in its place and out of your environment.

This way, you will not have to worry about getting affected by the harmful effects of mould or other nasty microbes.

To cure the rising dampness, we have awesome products from Dr. Fixit which are manufactured in India.

Rising Dampness is a common issue in Ghana.





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