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Save more with Solar Power in Ghana - Solpower

What can you save through solar power?

Solar companies speak about savings every day however that’s just a small aspect of the story. Sure, you’ll save money every month by switching to solar power. However, you can save even more money and also a bit more than that using SolPower.

We’ll be discussing the many ways businesses and homeowners can benefit from SolPower. We’re not able to list all of them in this article, but we are listing our favorite ones in this post.

1. Save money:

The cost of electricity is rising in many cities around the globe and utilities have a higher cost – they refer to it as “peak time” rates -when they realize that you are in need of it the most. Producing your own energy is a fantastic method to cut down on your dependence on grid electricity, and reduce your electric bill by using the power of the sun.

If you choose the most efficient solar panels in the market it will create more power and reduce your expenses at the same time. In fact, the complete per-month cost associated with your SolPower solar system could be lower than your monthly electric bill. You can pay only a few dollars each month for the Solar Power system and recoup the initial cost through savings within 10-15 years.


Save more with Solar Energy in Ghana - Solpower

2. Save yourself in emergencies:

Power outages are commonplace in our lives today. The addition of batteries to your solar system will help you keep your energy on the site and be prepared for the next power outage. In contrast to other fossil fuel generators, the batteries that are included with our system detect grid disturbances and begin providing the home using clean solar energy at the time you require it.

Additionally, thanks to the most advanced battery technology and twice the power of similar solar-powered storage systems on the market, you’ll be able to use more power to run your home during an outage while still getting more discharge cycles and charge cycles from your battery.

Solar System helps in case of power outage - Solpower

3. Restore fossil fuels:

The recent flurry of winter storms, wildfires, as well as record temperatures, demonstrated something over the last few years is that the world requires more sustainable energy sources. But only a small portion of commercial and residential properties are solar-powered in Ghana.

Going solar will help you reduce the need for fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. Picking a business with an established history of sustainability will help you save more fossil fuels and also make more efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Also, you can aid in saving the world while making money.

Solar Powered Home in Ghana - Solpower

4. Make sure you save time:

Installing solar on your business or home is an investment of a major amount. As with all products, the performance of solar options is available from one solar provider to the next. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

SolPower is the sole solar business with many years of experience in solar and the only complete battery storage and solar solution in Ghana. Make the most of your time by selecting one of the best solar panel systems that you can purchase, backed by the industry’s best warranty. You’ll also save time later on with an integrated, complete solution designed to function more effectively.

Are you ready to save money? Get in touch for a no-cost consultation today to get an estimate of your savings on solar power for your home.

Are you looking for commercial solar to power your company? SolPower is the best commercial solar company in Ghana. Contact us for a consultation on commercial solar now.


1. What is Solar Power?

The solar power source is a type of energy that is harnessed by the energy and heat produced by the sun’s radiation. It is renewable which makes it a “green” source of energy. Know more about Solar Power here.

2. How does Solar Power Work?

The most commonly used method to harness energy from the sun is via solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. They are those huge, mirror-like ones you’ve encountered on the rooftops of homes, on handheld solar devices, or even spacecraft. They function as conductors, absorbing the sun’s radiation, heating up, and generating electricity (and electric power).

On a grander scale, solar thermal power stations harness the power of the sun to generate energy. They use the sun’s energy to heat water, which can power steam turbines. These plants are able to supply electricity to hundreds of people. There are many other ways to harness the power of solar. Find out more about the different techniques that are currently being used here on National Geographic.

3. How Does The Solar Panel System Work?

If you’re new to this kind of energy source or do not have a lot of knowledge regarding it, then this is your first concern. The solar system is comprised of solar panels connected to each other that absorb sunlight that comes from the sun’s rays and transform them into energy.

The panels are designed so that when sunlight hits the panels’ surface photovoltaic cells turn them to DC (Direct Current) electricity.

Since this type of electricity isn’t suitable in most businesses or homes Inverters convert direct current into alternating electricity (AC).

It is now possible to use the AC electric power source is available to be used in our workplaces or in our homes.

4. How Durable Are The Solar Panels?

The life expectancy of the majority of solar panels ranges between 25-30 years. It is a long time that can be used to cover the initial setup cost. However, other solar panels have shorter lifespans however, some panels are longer.

For instance, thin-film solar panels have an average lifespan of 14-17 years. Others, more expensive models are expected to last for a long time and can exceed 50 years. This is why it is dependent on the panel.

5. How Long Before I Notice The Change In My Power Bills?

The solar panels begin to generate electricity right after installation. This means that you could be able to see the change in the next invoice you get.

6. Is It Necessary to Have Backup Storage?

If you’d like to experience the all-time sun’s power the use of reliable and large battery storage is recommended. This will ensure you are able to put enough power into utilize, no matter when the sun isn’t out.

But, you are able to join the grid to ensure the power you need. When you join the grid, you’ll be selling the additional energy that you produce during the time of day, and once the sun goes down you can make use of the grid’s energy.

Solar Panel Commercial Project in Ghana - Solpower


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