SHAKTI Electric Surface Water Pump (SHI 12-5) 3HP


    Where to buy a submersible water pump in Ghana?

    SHAKTI Electric Surface Water Pump (SHI 12-5) 3HP

    Shakti is proud to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of submersible stainless-steel pumps and motors. We are up against some of the most renowned companies in the world. This is a highly competitive field.
    Shakti’s innovative designs and high-tech processes are what has set us apart. Our forward-thinking spirit and meticulous attention to detail have helped us rise to this level. SHAKTI Electric Surface Water Pump (SHI 12-5) 3HP is the world’s leading pump in such cutting-edge technology.
    Shakti can now focus on what really matters, which is making the best quality and most efficient pumps. Shakti has been awarded 5-star ratings by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for over 260 of our pumps models.

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