Why dimple mats are amazing for water-proofing?

Geonor Dimple Mat

GEONOR – Dimple Mat Waterproofing Membrane in Ghana

Dimple membranes are among the most flexible and efficient drainage products available.

Dimpled drain sheets are utilized for everything from small domestic basements to huge commercial projects 50 feet below the grade.

They can also be utilized in a horizontal fashion. The secret to the versatility of dimple membranes is in their slick simplicity.

Most of them are made up of polypropylene or high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet that is moulded into the form of knobs that are raised, or dimples.

Dimple Mat Waterproofing by HTC

The dimple’s height, sheet thickness and compressive strength vary.

A lot of them have a non-woven geotextile that is bonded to the dimple of the membrane, which is a soil filtration device, and it’s not uncommon for the membrane to be perforated and “needle punched,” to allow water to enter.

Membrane with air gaps offers numerous advantages over other materials for waterproofing:

Multi-Purpose: For starters, they can be easily installed over any type of foundation including concrete poured or concrete block (CMU) and ICF, insulated concrete forms (ICF) or even preserved timber foundations (PWF).

Apart from the foundation work on the exterior Air gap membranes can also be utilized for subfloors, walls to reclaim and flower beds built up around culverts, and many other purposes.

Geonor Dimple Mat Waterproofing by HTC

Long-Term Durability: Membranes are extremely durable and will not be damaged in normal backfilling. Furthermore, they come with an estimated lifespan of at least 50 years, possibly longer than the building. If the foundation is shifted or cracked like most do dimple membranes will fill in the gaps and provide additional security.

Construction Speed: Air gap membranes can be installed once the forms have been removed and then backfill in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, these membranes can be installed in all weather conditions.

Sustainability: HDPE is safe and eco-friendly. It isn’t able to leach hazardous chemicals in the soil surrounding your house. Installers don’t require special respiration or skin protection.

Permeable Dimple Membranes

Dimple membranes that are punched using needles are utilized in a variety of situations and possess numerous advantages. The main differentiator is that they operate only as a drainage course and require a different product to function to act as the course for waterproofing.

They are used for horizontal and vertical applications. In contrast to air gap membranes, perforated drain sheets are erected with dimples in the opposite direction to the concrete. A geotextile that is bonded to the dimples prevents soil from entering the drainage area.


Geo-mats with perforations or just simple air gap membranes dimpled drainage sheets have become considered to be one of the most flexible and efficient drainage solutions on the market in the present. Both kinds of materials are utilized in projects that range from small basements for homes to the large garden roof assembly.

Geonor Dimple Mat Waterproofing


1. What is a dimple mat?

The dimple mat can be described as a piece composed of semi-rigid material (usually the high-density polyethylene) that is sold in the form of a roll. The plastic is egg-carton in form, with dimples protruding from it, which makes the material quite thick typically between 1/4 inch or 1/2 inches thick.

When a dimple mat is placed on walls made from concrete, its dimples create plastic that appears to be distinct from the wall. This creates an air gap that drains away between the mat and concrete. If water gets into the open space quickly moves into the lower part of the mat.

2. Do you require waterproofing or damp proofing in Ghana?

In areas of the nation that do not have high water tables or receive a lot of rain, damp-proofing is necessary. Dimple mat, also called dimple board is a product that is believed to fall somewhere between the simple asphaltic damp proofing as well as a complete waterproofing membrane.

3. What is the most effective method to waterproof your basement?

Waterproofing a foundation from outside usually involves the use of membranes and polymers to cover the walls’ exterior or using a trench drain beneath or a combination of both. When done properly, outdoor drainage is usually thought to be the most efficient method to waterproof basements.

Know more about foundation waterproofing here.

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