Best Concrete Mixers in Ghana: What You Need To Know

Concrete mixers can make mixing huge quantities of cement and concrete easy. For concrete to be efficient, it must be mixed properly fast, and it can be difficult to achieve manually. Mixers are perfect for all kinds of jobs including small DIY home improvement projects to larger commercial building projects. When you’re using a mixer […]

Why PP Plastic Formwork is a better choice?


Let us dive deep into the world of Construction and how Plastic Formwork changes everything. HTC Ghana is the first and only company to bring the amazing MEGFIN Plastic Formwork to Ghana. Plastic Formwork is a patented product with “Energy saving, Environmental protection, and Low carbon economy” advantages. Mainly used in Construction projects, Water conservancy […]

Metal Cutting Disc – All You Need to Know About It

Novo Abrasive Cutting Disc / Wheels

A metal cutting disk is a kind of grinding device that can be used to break an enormous piece of metal into various pieces. It usually has Abrasive grains that are held in the correct position by the aid of a bond matrix, and then separated from each other by pores. The pores are usually helpful in […]

Why dimple mats are amazing for water-proofing?

Geonor Dimple Mat

GEONOR – Dimple Mat Waterproofing Membrane Dimple membranes are among the most flexible and efficient drainage products available. Dimpled drain sheets are utilized for everything from small domestic basements to huge commercial projects 50 feet below the grade. They can also be utilized in a horizontal fashion. The secret to the versatility of dimple membranes […]

Super treatment for Rising Dampness in Ghana

Rising Dampness in Ghana

What is Damp Proofing? Rising dampness is the common name given to the new phenomenon of dampness. It occurs below the earth’s surface in a number of places around the globe, most frequently due to heavy rain. This type of damp is also called subsidence dampness or damp basement, and it has been growing increasingly […]

Know about Construction Equipment in Ghana

Construction Equipment

What is Construction equipment? Construction equipment is a set of related tools and devices used by a civil engineer to create buildings and related structures. Construction equipment is the piece of machinery or equipment used to carry out a construction job. Whether it’s a building or road improvement project. Types of construction equipment available in […]

Learn more about our drill machines

Electrical Drilling Machine

The Drill Machine is a drill device. Now the question is: what is the meaning of drill? So, the drill means making holes into a material. And a drilling machine is a powerful and versatile tool that allows users to explore a range of different materials that can be drilled into including wood, metal, plastic, […]

Save Money on Electric Bills by Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panels in Ghana

The Solar panels consist of cells that convert sunlight into electricity. When the sun isn’t shining directly on the panel, it isn’t producing any energy. But when it does shine directly on the cell, it charges it up — at least until the next sunless night. Many African countries have felt the pleasures of electrical […]

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