8 common but powerful uses for Pressure Washers?

HighPower Pressure Washer in Ghana

A lot of people have pressure washers at home and use them for a variety of things. I’ve seen people using them to clean car seat window blinds as well as air conditioner filters and all the other things you could discover around your home.

However, I was interested in what the most popular applications are.

Let us take a look at 8 most common uses for Pressure Washers:

  • Window washing.
  • Drain, duct as well as gutter and drain cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the pool.
  • Washing the driveway and parking lot.
  • Other cleaning and maintenance activities for the outdoors.

8. Outdoor Furniture

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean outdoor furniture

The 9th most used pressure washer is to clean plastic, vinyl, or wooden outdoor furniture. It is possible that someone has never cleaned their furniture outside, or used to do it on a regular basis and enjoyed it. Why is that? It’s quick and simple.


7. Cars and Trucks

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Car and truck

It was shocking that cars and trucks weren’t considered the most popular uses for a power washer. Many said they frequently did wash their car using pressure washers, but they required a sturdy brush or sponge to make sure it’s completely clean. A few people were sworn by with pressure washers and attachment brushes and didn’t require a sponge to complete the task. Look at the photo above. This was totally complete including a pressure washer and the scrub brush. It was not bad for just 25 minutes of work following a day of 4 in 4’ing. Make sure you go through this pressure washer cleaning solution article to make sure you wash your car using the correct soaps.


6. Fencing

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean fence

The majority of people have a fence, so it was made sense that it would be one of the most popular surfaces to wash using the use of a pressure washer.

Wood fences are also beautiful. Do they not look stunning neat and tidy?


5. Home Exteriors Like Vinyl or Brick

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Home exterior, vinyl

It’s always awe-inspiring to see how much better a home appears when it’s clean. Brick houses and siding for homes were the most popular topics for use of pressure washers and ranked as the fifth most used scenario. This covers all kinds of exteriors in homes.


4. Wood Decks

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Wodden Deck

Pressure washing your deck or patio comes in as the fourth most commonly used method to make use of their pressure washer. It is possible to use gas or electric machines provided you use the right nozzle (25-degree or a 4-degree nozzle) and you hold it in the proper space from your surface (2-3 feet). Cleaning your deck with a brush can also be a security improvement. Consider how slippery the grimy, mildew-covered deck would become if it rains.


3. Front Entrance Stairs and Walkways

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Front Staircase

Realtors are aware that curb appeal plays a major role when they attempt to sell a home and there’s nothing more important than the appearance of a neat front entryway. You can observe from the photo, the front steps of brick appear 10x cleaner. A pressure washer will accomplish the task in 10 minutes making it appear easy. I think it’s the combo of helping your house appear better from the street and being easy to do is the reason it’s the third most popular use case.


2. Concrete or Tile Patios

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Concrete or Patio

Look at how ugly the patio turned out to be. It’s like someone painted it black, and then chose to go with the dark shade… Patios are an extremely popular place to entertain during the summer months. They are where the BBQ grill is, and it’s the place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is the reason that I’m sure that many users use their pressure washer to clean their patios and concrete, making it the second most common reason why people purchase the pressure washer.


1. Driveways and Garage Floors

High Power Pressure Washer used to clean Drive way and Garage Floor

If I keep asking for more patios or front steps might be the first choice. In reality, nearly 100% of the people I spoke to the said driveway was one of the primary pressure washer’s uses and the main reason they purchased the pressure washer. It is logical since driveways are a major feature for curb appeal as well as a large, flat surface that allows you to enjoy the full force that the pressure washer has.


1. What is the best PSI pressure washer that you can use at home?

Both kinds of pressure washers require a continuous, constant supply of water, (also known as GPM (gallons per minute). For the majority of home projects, many homeowners find that the pressure washer with 1300-2400 PSI is the most effective.

2. Can electric pressure washers be considered effective?

In the end, the electric pressure washer will be the best choice for cleaning the most messes. They can get rid of the dirtiest places without causing any damage. If you just want to get the task done, you might be surprised to find that you like having the ability to use a light pressure washer.

3. How long is the runtime of an electric pressure washer?

You shouldn’t use the Pressure washer (except professional equipment) for more than 5 minutes. Although the time can vary between models it should be between 3 to five minutes. The pressure washer that is left running for longer than 5 minutes can cause overheating.

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